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Mac OS X "It's no longer possible to write a single app that takes advantage of the full range of Mac OS X features. Some APIs only work inside the Mac App Store. Others only work outside it. Presumably, this gap will widen as more new features are App Store-exclusive, while sandboxing places greater restrictions on what App Store apps are allowed to do." Anybody surprised by this, here's the clue stick. Please proceed to hit yourself with it.
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RE[3]: No MacOS X for me.
by amadensor on Thu 26th Jan 2012 17:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: No MacOS X for me."
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It is a mix:

1) ARM is Metro only.
2) ARM machines (including low power laptops as well as tablets and phones) are boot loader locked so you cannot swap the OS.
3) Legacy apps can be loaded any way you like, but Metro apps are from the app store only.

So, if you buy a low power ARM laptop (a category that Ed Bott claims doesn't matter since it doesn't exist yet), you can only install Metro apps from the app store, and can not even swap out for Linux if you get sick of it.

I expected Apple to do this first, with the way that iOS went, but I was wrong.

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