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Google Google has updated its privacy policy - in fact, it has consolidated a mess of over 70 different privacy policies each covering an individual service into one, simpler policy. You'll now be treated as a single account, and data will be shared between Google services to make search results and ads more personalised (I assumed they already did that - makes sense).
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RE[3]: Alternative perspective
by Tony Swash on Thu 26th Jan 2012 18:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Alternative perspective"
Tony Swash
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"What is happening is that Google+ links are being prioritised over, say, Twitter links even when the Twitter link is full of data and the Google+ plus link is to an empty space, and that this is being done when Google has access to both sources of data. This is not happening because Google is being 'shut out' of any data source, Google has the data that shows that the Twitter link is the richer source on the topic being searched but it chooses to downplay it below Google's own but inferior data sources.

I require proof of your theory. Twitter publically shut off their fire hose to Google and then moved to JavaScript based URLs… so how does Google get this data now?

If you don’t recall so far back, Google often featured Twitter URLs in results until that change.

I suggest you watch the video that I linked to before which is here

This demonstrates pretty definitively, using only results from Google (i.e only using data sources completely open to Google) that Google artificially ranks Google services such as Google+ above other sites (such as Twitter or Facebook) even when those non-Google sites clearly have vastly better and more up to date data.

I personally think the video is pretty damning but I urge you to watch it yourself, it only last nine minutes, and make your own mind up. Tell us if you think what it shows Google doing is good or bad in your opinion.

One can also download the 'Don't Be Evil" bookmarklet for most browsers with circumvents Google's new degraded search function.

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