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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android accounted for 39% of the market in the final three months of last year, up from 29% a year earlier, Strategy Analytics said. Apple's share fell to 58% from 68%. Microsoft's share stood at 1.5%." Really now.
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RE[5]: Kindle Fire
by rhavyn on Fri 27th Jan 2012 00:50 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Kindle Fire"
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Not to try to split hairs or anything, but the OP was speaking of legally running the Google Market on modified Android OS's. Keep in Mind, Apple has stated that they think it's illegal to jailbreak their devices.

In addition, how much modification would you believe is required to discount a device as an Android device? Manufacturers modify Android (such as the Sense UI), and then you have Cyanogenmod and other custom ROMs, etc... Pretty much every Android device out there has a modified version of the Android OS running on it.

Go to the Kindle Fire page and find where it says it's running Android. If the manufacturer of the device doesn't say it's running Android, and it certainly doesn't pass Google's definition of a device that can call itself an Android device, how is it an Android device?

If you bought something claiming to be an Android device, or an iOS device for that matter, the fact that you changed it later doesn't impact the sales numbers. You bought an Android or iOS device. Similarly, if you buy a PC running Windows and replace Windows with Linux, you still bought a Windows PC and Microsoft can rightly count it as such. If you buy a Kindle Fire did you ever actually buy an Android device in the first place?

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