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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 0.8.3 was released today. This version offers some new visuals, new languages, as well as important bugfixes with systems that have had trouble booting after the install. The complete changelog is available here. Users running 0.8.2 may update to this version using the Online Update utility within the PC-BSD Config menu." Download here, release notes here.
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RE: PBI IS the Key
by Anonymous on Mon 24th Oct 2005 11:04 UTC in reply to "PBI IS the Key"
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I've used PC-BSD since it was released to the public, and
its getting better everytime.

I agree PBI is the key.

I think all open-source OSs should agree on a package
system similar to PBI.

Say one for Linux, one for BSD, etc.

Having things nice and neat, while being easily
manageable ismuch better than having a mess of bits all
over the place! I don't wanna re-live the time when I
used Win2k and find that the registry grows to a
ridiculous size even when the app has been removed long
after 2 yrs.

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