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KDE KDE has announced its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.8 provides many new features, and improved stability, performance and dynamic power management.
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RE[2]: Themes
by Luminair on Sun 29th Jan 2012 15:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Themes"
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Unfortunately, doing themes in Qt, complex one that manage color configuration, animations, shadows, good AA is not trivial stuff... And requires 2 things, Good designers, and better Coders.

Well that explains why there are so few passable KDE themes. (only one?)

An open source desktop should have artists flocking to it to create. Does KDE?

Unfortunately for KDE, being a good artist is not enough. You've explained something the KDE team screwed up. Themes so difficult to create that only the original theme ninja can do it.

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