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FreeBSD Rink Springer would like to see his Xbox port migrated into FreeBSD-current. He is looking to import his FreeBSD/Xbox within the FreeBSD/i386 port, bringing support into FreeBSD-CURRENT. He is proposing a prioritized plan in order to accomplish this goal and is looking for your comments and feedback.
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Re: yes, it's useful
by Anonymous on Mon 24th Oct 2005 13:44 UTC
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1) xbox has a 733Mhz Intel processor inside it - it is not strictly speaking a new architecture, and there are already *useful* architectures being supported;

2) PC-BSD and DesktopBSD could add the necessary patches to their own source if they really want to support xbox, without cluttering up FreeBSD's source with support for a piece of hardware that is already obsolete.

So no, making FreeBSD work on xbox is neither cool nor useful.

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