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FreeBSD Rink Springer would like to see his Xbox port migrated into FreeBSD-current. He is looking to import his FreeBSD/Xbox within the FreeBSD/i386 port, bringing support into FreeBSD-CURRENT. He is proposing a prioritized plan in order to accomplish this goal and is looking for your comments and feedback.
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RE: Re: yes, it's useful
by molnarcs on Mon 24th Oct 2005 14:02 UTC in reply to "Re: yes, it's useful"
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RE:1 how many? besides, it is his call. He would like to do it in his own free time, so... (and no, you can't tell a developer what he or she should do instead of what he likes to do).

RE:2 " PC-BSD and DesktopBSD could add the necessary patches to their own source" why should they? if someone is willing to do it in the mainline "distro." "cluttering up FreeBSD's source yeah, sure, porting an OS to different hardwares "clutters" up the source code. You better tell NetBSD devs how cluttered their source must be by now ;) ))

So what's your point? A developer wants to add xbox support to FreeBSD woring in his own free time on it - and you come here blathering about clutter, and wasting time? If it is useful to him, why does it bother you? And at the very least, we can say that it will be useful for a few dozen users, who will have another choice for the xbox besides linux (and a very nice choice).

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