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Internet &amp; Networking "The Electronic Frontier Foundation, supported by Carpathia Hosting, today announced its plans to assess the scope of the issue facing Megaupload users who are at risk of losing their data. Carpathia has created this website to assist users in contacting EFF. EFF will review the factual situations shared by users and, if possible, try to resolve their issues." I <3 EFF. Seriously. These guys are universally fighting the good fight.
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RE: Let this be a lesson ...
by darknexus on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 06:25 UTC in reply to "Let this be a lesson ..."
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really... when did people get the impression that their data was safe in the cloud?

Since the marketing drones started saying it, seeing as how most people seem remarkably open to the words of someone in a fancy suit.

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