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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless How many N9's did Nokia sell, and how many Lumias did Nokia sell? It's an interesting thing to ponder, because estimates by Tomi T. Ahonen seem to indicate that, despite decidedly undermarketing the thing, the N9 faired considerably better in the marketplace than the Lumia did.
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From the "that won't happen" guy?!?
by karunko on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 08:21 UTC
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This is the very same guy that just two days before the February 11 announcement of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership wrote (at the very end of his blog post at

"But do not expect Nokia to announce it is abandoning Symbian (and/or MeeGo) in favor of Phone 7 or Android. That won't happen."

How could anyone with "so much insight" be so very wrong about a major announcement that was just two days way? And, more to the point: why should anyone take him seriously after that?

That said, I think that Lumia is sort of okay, but I'd rather take the N9 without thinking twice about it! ;-)


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