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General Unix Finally something really interesting to talk about. If you've used UNIX or any of its derivatives, you've probably wondered why there's /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin in the file system. You may even have a rationalisation for the existence of each and every one of these directories. The thing is, though - all these rationalisations were thought up after these directories were created. As it turns out, the real reasoning is pretty damn straightforward.
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I think your missing the point: it's not about the difficulty, it's about continually discussing and working on ways of making linux better. You seem to indicate that it's good enough for you, therefor other's like me shouldn't bother tackling it to suit our needs. But my opinion is that complacency might be holding linux back. It's not to discredit the achievements of the past by any means, but we also need to look forward. I'm not alone in wanting more consistency in the file system, and I'm glad others like GoboLinux are working on ways to try to clean things up a bit.

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