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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless How many N9's did Nokia sell, and how many Lumias did Nokia sell? It's an interesting thing to ponder, because estimates by Tomi T. Ahonen seem to indicate that, despite decidedly undermarketing the thing, the N9 faired considerably better in the marketplace than the Lumia did.
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Nobody cares to compare the markets???
by BrunoH on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 08:59 UTC
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The N9 has been selling in 37 countries and Lumia has been sold in 6 countries for six weeks Q4 2011. Is this really a fare comparison?

And as the N9 and the Lumia 800 looks almost identical (at least to regular consumers), hom many bought the N9 bacuse it ran Meego?? Really??

I bet that the majority of N9 customers bought it because:

1. Its a smartphone
2. Its a beautiful smartphone
3. Its a Nokia

All those three fits the Lumia 800 aswell. If all N9 shipped to stores were WP7 phone then the 100.000 harcore Meego Nerds would have bought something else. But the phones would have been sold anyway. We at these sites and forum are putting far to much weight into which OS the Phones are running! The regular consumers doesn't know (or care) if they get WP7, Meego or Android. As loong as its a nice smartphone and they can get to Mail, Web and Facebook - they are happy.

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