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Google "Google has added an automated scanning process that is designed to keep malicious apps out of the Android Market , the company announced today. The new service, code-named 'Bouncer', scans apps for known malware, spyware, and Trojans, and looks for suspicious behaviors and compares them against previously analyzed apps. Every app is then run on Google's cloud infrastructure to simulate how the software would operate on an Android device, he said. Existing apps are continuously analyzed, too."
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It's a start, at least.
by gan17 on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 01:14 UTC
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About frickin time!! Hope it actually does the job of keeping scum out, unlike real life bouncers.

Not sure how much confidence an automatized process like this inspires, but I guess it's a start. Would be better if they had some sort of stability/compatibility check in place as well. As it is, the current application stability in the Marketplace makes even the most unstable of rolling Linux distro repositories seem like a picnic basket.

Best scenario would be Google pay OpenBSD devs to individually scrutinize every single app. Neurotic mofoes, that lot, but highly competent.

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