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FreeBSD Rink Springer would like to see his Xbox port migrated into FreeBSD-current. He is looking to import his FreeBSD/Xbox within the FreeBSD/i386 port, bringing support into FreeBSD-CURRENT. He is proposing a prioritized plan in order to accomplish this goal and is looking for your comments and feedback.
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RE[3]: Re: yes, it's useful
by Haicube on Mon 24th Oct 2005 16:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Re: yes, it's useful"
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I agree to some extent but with a few exceptions.

Porting to Xbox means supporting one HW (as the HW is identical in each box). The HW (if not aiming for 360) is x86 right? So no difference here either...

And otherwise it's a question about someone adding something into the kernel/Xbox tree which really don't affect things at all if not compiled with the right flags right?

On the other, I do get your point with every line is critical and focus of the project etc. Still, I don't think this will affect those critical lines very much...

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