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Slackware, Slax There are different reasons people use Unix-like operating systems, including configurable, availability free of charge, powerful command line interface an many more. Some people are motivated by the moral issue: they reject non-free software. Specifically for such users Free Software Foundation developed Guidelines for Free System Distributions and created the list of absolutely free ("as in freedom") distributions. In this article we are going to look at the most recent entry on the list - Parabola GNU/Linux.
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RE: Nonfree firmware
by spiderman on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 08:24 UTC in reply to "Nonfree firmware"
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I like to know that my servers aren't crippled with crapware and spying software calling home and other anti user features and conflicts of interest.
I don't review all the code, mind you but I trust the vendors that give the code more, because it's like "here is the software, without malware and other crap, and here is the code to prove it", instead of "here is the software, without malware and other crap, but don't look at it too closely or we will sue you".

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