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Windows This is the kind of news just tailor-made for OSNews. After 16 years of trusty service, the venerable Windows CE will be history as far as Microsoft's mobile operating system offering goes - the next major version of Windows Phone will use the NT kernel from Windows 8. As a heavy former Windows PocketPC Mobile CE Ultimate SP2 Edition user, this makes me sad. As a fan of the NT kernel, this makes me happy.
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Yeah, that was a joke the real name is

"Windows PocketPC Mobile Phone CE Series 6.53 Ultimate Millenium Edition Serice Pack 3"

Anyways, NOKIA IS SO f--kED! This new kernel will have even higher hardware requirements (no doubt about that in my mind, way more than the cut down single core CE kernel without a lot of the features)
So Nokia will have to use Symbian for low end smartphones for all eternity (or until they are bought by MS, which is more likely)
Ballmers and Elops evil plan is clear now.

Hardware is not a problem anymore.
The stuff is becoming dirt cheap.
In October Sitara ARM® Cortex™-A8 started to sell at $5

Ok it's not a dual core or quad core but it gives you a market trend.
Not unrealistic to predict quad core Arm chips going for $15-$20 in one years time.

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