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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There's an article making the rounds right now about how applications on iOS crash more often than applications on Android. I'm not going to detail the entire methodology - the article itself does so - but it does raise an interesting talking point about how both mobile operating systems handle application crashes and updates.
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it's the app developers, not the platform
by zhulien on Sat 4th Feb 2012 11:31 UTC
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i'm not so sure that the amount of crashes is due to the os or platform in this case, i think it is more to do with the developers who make the Apps. heck, it seems that people in the IOS camp especially are a bunch of unprofessional pains in the --- who keep releasing a new version of their Apps every day or two - why can't they roadmap them and release them when they have something worth releasing, probably related, they probably didn't test their Apps properly too. This to me is the downfall of IOS's automatic updating - having to update 600 Apps (of the 2000 I have downloaded) each night, of which only a few may have added something worthwhile.

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