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Slackware, Slax There are different reasons people use Unix-like operating systems, including configurable, availability free of charge, powerful command line interface an many more. Some people are motivated by the moral issue: they reject non-free software. Specifically for such users Free Software Foundation developed Guidelines for Free System Distributions and created the list of absolutely free ("as in freedom") distributions. In this article we are going to look at the most recent entry on the list - Parabola GNU/Linux.
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RE: *Sigh*
by KenJackson on Sat 4th Feb 2012 17:21 UTC in reply to "*Sigh*"
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Open Sourcing an application is only useful to a programmer, not the general populace.

Netscape Navigator is the poster child for proprietary software that adopted the free software model. And IIRC, Firefox was forked from Navigator when Firefox's authors became unhappy with Navigator's stagnation.

The result is IMO the best browser available. Everyone that likes Firefox has benefited greatly from Netscape's decision.

The argument could even be made that IE users have benefited from the Firefox fork. Would IE have ever developed tabbed browsing without it?

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