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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There's an article making the rounds right now about how applications on iOS crash more often than applications on Android. I'm not going to detail the entire methodology - the article itself does so - but it does raise an interesting talking point about how both mobile operating systems handle application crashes and updates.
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The difference is the Kernel and abi.
by oiaohm on Sun 5th Feb 2012 08:00 UTC
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Android is not a standard Linux kernel.

Ashmem is part of the secret why bad coders on android get away with being bad coders. If a ashmem block is not currently pin the kernel can dispose of it when Linux kernel runs out of memory.

Next is the Android killer system. More likely to take out something in background than forground. OSi kinda will kill everything. OSi something killed due to out of resources also displays as a crash.

Davik is doing better garbage collection.

There are design differences that explain what is being seen.

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