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Windows For all intents and purposes, this is only a minor change, and were this any other operating system or graphical environment, it would never warrant an entire news item. However, we're talking Windows, the most popular desktop operating system of all time, here. After 17 years of trusty service, Microsoft has removed the Start button from the taskbar in the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8.
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For my style of computing the Metro interface is horrible. I hate having icons on my desktop, much less the Metro interface, where the only place to house anything is all over the screen in huge tiles. This will make things go from neat and organized to cluttered and messy. Hopefully, as you said, Enterprise editions will be more traditional since this is the only place that I use Windows any more. Also, I can not see the Metro interface being productive any time in the near future for actual work purposes. This will make the PC into a glorified tablet that makes work almost impossible to get done.

Maybe I am overreacting, but at this moment and with what I have seen from Win8 I cannot help but feel Microsoft is taking a step too far in the wrong direction without giving people a life raft to hold onto.

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