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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There's an article making the rounds right now about how applications on iOS crash more often than applications on Android. I'm not going to detail the entire methodology - the article itself does so - but it does raise an interesting talking point about how both mobile operating systems handle application crashes and updates.
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Can one really compare Android OS to Apple OS when it comes to app stability?

Each app is in varying degrees of development within its market. Also, each device is in a different state-of-condition while it runs an app. Different daemons running (depending on make and carrier of the device).

To get the absolute best comparison, one would need to have various Android Devices and iOS devices tested in a controlled environment.

Another thing to consider: How are the devices used? The more bells and whistles that are in play, the greater chance of failure. Android incorporates more user control and custom ability.

One could say that iOS apps are more stable, simply because of the the restrictions Apple imposes on its market. Less bells, less whistles...less of a product for comparison.

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