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Windows For all intents and purposes, this is only a minor change, and were this any other operating system or graphical environment, it would never warrant an entire news item. However, we're talking Windows, the most popular desktop operating system of all time, here. After 17 years of trusty service, Microsoft has removed the Start button from the taskbar in the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8.
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RE[2]: Come on people!
by bassbeast on Tue 7th Feb 2012 03:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Come on people!"
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Even the yahoo product gal, who is such a shill her answer to every product she reviews is "buy it! Buy it now!" said "Wait on Windows 8 until you get a touch enabled device with it and then you'll be happier" which translates to "This &^%*&^%&^% doesn't work worth a crap without a touchscreen!"

BTW do you know how many desktops and laptops sell WITH a touchscreen? less than 3% and most of those are for kiosks. Do you honestly think that is gonna do a 180 in less than 7 months? When you can buy a 25 inch widescreen monitor for $150 while a lousy 17 inch touch is over $300?

Mark my words windows 8 will be the OS that finally kills the Vista and Bob jokes, its gonna suck THAT bad. Please don't take my word for it, type "Download windows 8 developer preview" and try it yourself. This thing is a trainwreck and they are planning on releasing the consumer beta at the end of this month which means they think its almost, what stupidity!

Linux devs, if any of you are here NOW is the chance. give me a nice reliable desktop with 10 years of support so I don't have to worry about upgrades breaking drivers and me and every shop across the land will be your support network. We'll give you so many locations you'll make the apple store look like a bad joke. Because between the mess that is Win 8 and the great XP dieoff piling up insanely overpowered off leases frankly we're all gonna be up to our butts in boxes and laptops, they could ALL be yours. Just don't give us this lame upgrade deathmarch junk, even LTS gives less than half the time of a typical Windows, that's no good.

This is your last shot guys, after this uberfail I have no doubt Billy won't be able to save Ballmer's butt anymore and he'll get told to "pursue other interests" so NOW is the time, don't miss the boat.

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