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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Jonathan Riddell, lead developer of the Kubuntu project and the only person paid by Canonical to work on the KDE variant of the popular distribution, has announced that after the 12.04 release, Canonical will no longer be funding him, effectively putting Kubuntu on the same level as other Ubuntu variants like Xubuntu.
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While Canonical stops funding the salary of the main developper of Kubuntu, Linux Mint just added this month a full time paid developper to its new KDE edition (just released some days ago) for the year 2012.

According to Clément Lefebvre, the money comes from Blue Systems, a company which seeked Linux Mint expertise to release its own Netrunner KDE edition.

So far, the agreement seems to please both parties. One up. One down.

Netrunner 4.1 actually looks pretty sweet to me.

I haven't tried it yet, but I think I might download it soon.

Thanks for the tip.

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