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Hardware, Embedded Systems Big news from the Raspberry Pi front today - they have a manufacturing date. "The boards will be finished on February 20. Eben and I may be going to China to make sure that the boards can be brought up properly for that date if necessary. We'll be airfreighting them to the UK immediately, so you should be able to buy them before the end of the month."
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RE: Good news, but...
by lemur2 on Wed 8th Feb 2012 00:42 UTC in reply to "Good news, but..."
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Too bad I just found a VIA C3 board + 1 GB + case & PSU for 50€... and it does just what I want.
It would be interesting to see some head-to-head benchmark.

Then there is the allwinner A10

The allwinner A10, produced by Rhombus Tech, aims to “serve Free Software Developers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and Engineers with access to affordable, modern and importantly GPL-compliant hardware.” The allwinner A10 has been developed and currently being sold in China at a cost of $7.

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