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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Let this be a lesson. After posts by John Gruber and Shawn King, this happened to Violet Blue. "The misinformation gave a significant number of people fuel to stalk me, attack me for hours at a time, malign, insult me in disgusting ways, threaten me with weapon-specific violent death (an axe), and lead social media attempts to force me to lose my job over the matter. Many referenced John Gruber, and/or his post as they did this. Plans were openly made to make media to attack me - another Angry Mac Bastards podcast." Disgusting story, and sadly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened, as Blue notes in her article. I don't like talking about these matters (you don't want to know the kind of crap that gets thrown my way at times), but I can assure you my inbox has seen its share of pure vitriol after Gruber links to an OSNews piece. It ain't pretty.
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Right off the bat here:
- Dressed in a way to emphasize appearance (Check)

You seriously can't see the sexism in what you're saying here? You genuinely believe that a moderately tight long-sleeved shirt is 'stereotypical' booth babe attire?


Gruber and King taking a comment someone else left misidentifying a person as fact is indeed 'wrong' (and something they both acknowledged once the person was properly identified), however it doesn't detract from the actual situation that Violet took a photo of someone she didn't even bother to speak to then posted a bit in an article assigning 'sad' and 'booth babe' to her based upon her physical endowments and the fact she was not smiling at that exact moment. She could not even be bothered to properly photograph the subject in question and I'm not surprised someone misidentified her.

The fact of the matter is, Violet was acting as a journalist at this event. She didn't even speak to the person. She didn't bother to get a name. She saw someone not smiling, sitting in a booth next to other vendors and took a quick little snap and expanded it with conjecture later.

That's totally bullshit, end of story.

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