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Mac OS X It's still early days, but this has the potential to put more fuel on the Apple rumour mill fire than anything else in recent times. A BA thesis by Dutch student Tristan Schaap details how, during his internship at Apple's Platform Technologies Group, he ported Darwin to a certain ARMv5 developer board. A few blog articles later, and the headline has already turned into 'Mac OS X ported to ARM'. So, what have I been running on my iPhone and iPad all these years?
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RE: Not the same OS
by MOS6510 on Wed 8th Feb 2012 11:37 UTC in reply to "Not the same OS"
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It's strange you're modded down, because you are right.

Quite simple, you can't grab an OS X dvd and install its contents on an iPhone, nor can your run iOS on a Mac.

Both are related, but iOS is a modified mini OS X.

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