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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Let this be a lesson. After posts by John Gruber and Shawn King, this happened to Violet Blue. "The misinformation gave a significant number of people fuel to stalk me, attack me for hours at a time, malign, insult me in disgusting ways, threaten me with weapon-specific violent death (an axe), and lead social media attempts to force me to lose my job over the matter. Many referenced John Gruber, and/or his post as they did this. Plans were openly made to make media to attack me - another Angry Mac Bastards podcast." Disgusting story, and sadly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened, as Blue notes in her article. I don't like talking about these matters (you don't want to know the kind of crap that gets thrown my way at times), but I can assure you my inbox has seen its share of pure vitriol after Gruber links to an OSNews piece. It ain't pretty.
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The tech fanboys (and fangirls) are just assholes, and there are people far worse than assholes out there.

Most tech people, even those in professional positions, also play with tech as a hobby. All hobbies have genuinely nice people just as they also have assholes. It is most noticeable with technology, imho, because the internet allows people to hide behind the safety of their internet connection.

There are assholes that hike, hunt, fish, bird watch, tinker with cars, etc. Most of them appear rather mild, though, because most people aren't going to start a huge debate that ends with them frothing at the mouth spewing personal threats in real life. It is simple to get carried away online, though, especially if the person typing is immature. There is also a problem with written communication lacking any sense of emphasis or tone, which can result in someone misunderstanding a point or taking offense to something that wasn't meant offensively, which makes the matter even worse.

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