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ReactOS Oh ReactOS. This project has been with us for a very long time now, and since day one, I never really knew what to think of it. They always seem to be running at least 300 miles behind the Win32 bandwagon, but what they've accomplished so far is insanely impressive nonetheless. This new release comes with quite a lot of new stuff.
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RE: Why?
by boxy on Wed 8th Feb 2012 21:00 UTC in reply to "Why?"
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Who needs ReactOs? I DO see the need for WINE, and I understand that WINE and ReactOs developers cooperate, which is a good thing.

But I can't see the need for ReactOs. If you need an OS to run Windows programs, why not use.. eh.. Windows?

To answer the question of why:

1) Why not
2) Just because
3) No licensing costs
4) Open source implementation
4a) Not just of another *nix, but a completely different kernel
5) Binary compatibility meaning any existing drivers should 'just work'
6) Educational value
7) Do I really need to keep going?

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