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In the News "Like any space opera, the story of information technology is a very simple one. It is played out in a myriad of different ways by a revolving cast of characters, but it always has its loveable heroes, its predictably nefarious villains, innocent civilians to be saved, and bumbling bureaucrats that aren't inherently evil, but begin every story aiding the forces of darkness out of a misplaced belief they are preserving law and order in their corner of the galaxy." He might use Star Wars as an analogy (I strongly dislike Star Wars - Trekkie here), but it sums up very well how I feel about computing today.
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by cb88 on Fri 10th Feb 2012 00:38 UTC
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What does being a Trekkie have to do with disliking Star Wars? Nothing? I mean I like them both for pretty much the same reasons... futuristic setting action and interesting story me at least ;) Are you trolling Thom ;-) ?

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