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Google So, how long have we been waiting for this to happen? Google has finally unveiled the future if the Android browser: it has no future. Google unveiled Chrome for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and has designated it as the future default browser for the Android platform.
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RE[6]: Oh, great!
by DhulKarnain on Fri 10th Feb 2012 14:46 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Oh, great!"
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Apple didn't put iOS 5 on the older iPhones because they simply cannot cope with the hardware requirements (even 3GS is really pushing it in the terms of perfomance - I remember my 3GS ran noticeably faster on iOS 3 and 4)

Meanwhile, practically all Android handsets released in just the last year should run ICS without a problem, and yet even now, 3 months after ICS was released, not even 2% of devices run it.

Why? Because it is not in the best interest of the carriers to do so. In a no-holds-barred attempt to conquer the market, Google handed over the reigns to carriers which now exploit their users. Come on, I owned a Sony Ericsson Android phone for which support was dropped only 6 months after release (only received one OS upgrade).

Apple and Microsoft got their shit together regarding OS update process. Android is a joke.

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