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Windows As you all know, Windows 8 will be the first release of Windows NT which supports the ARM architecture. Microsoft hasn't been particularly forthcoming about this new Windows variant, but that's changing today. The company has posted a long and in-depth blog post about Windows 8 on ARM.
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RE: VM's to the rescue
by blitze on Fri 10th Feb 2012 23:30 UTC in reply to "VM's to the rescue"
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Yeap - the closest you have is the Samsung Galaxy Note but its 5" screen mightn't be the screen rel estate you were looking for.

That being said, their stylus/pen input is supposedly quite well developed and ideal for a small notepad type device. Might even replace my N900 for one given I have huge mits and the device mightn't look to out of place in my hands as a phone LOL.

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