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Google So, how long have we been waiting for this to happen? Google has finally unveiled the future if the Android browser: it has no future. Google unveiled Chrome for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and has designated it as the future default browser for the Android platform.
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RE[7]: Oh, great!
by zima on Sat 11th Feb 2012 00:28 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Oh, great!"
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Meanwhile, practically all Android handsets released in just the last year should run ICS without a problem, and yet even now, 3 months after ICS was released, not even 2% of devices run it.

Meanwhile, you jump on momentary ICS adoption as if it were indicative of how many of those "last year" devices will get it ...the logical connection you make here seems quite tenuous (especially vs. how the relatively decentralised Android just has different type of unveiling schedule)

I wonder how you will see iOS dropping 3S support, which should happen within a year, likely just a few months after its active promotion and last large scale sales.

And come on, viewing Android through the perspective of Sony Ericsson, an entity which struggles, has internal development issues, smallish slice of the pie, & is in the red for quite some time?

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