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X11, Window Managers "This is the first real release of Wayland and Weston. Wayland is the protocol and IPC mechanism while Weston is the reference compositor implementation. The 0.85 branch in both repositories is going to be protocol and interface stable. We have a series of protocol changes on the table before 1.0 but this branch marks a stable point before we jump into that." Change is coming to the Linux world. And yes, I get the irony of using this particular icon, but it's the closest I could find.
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So much trolling...
by Neolander on Sat 11th Feb 2012 06:50 UTC
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It is funny how previous articles about Wayland's progress kept a relatively toned-down comment tone, while on this article about a "serious" release it seems that hell got loose.

More on topic : I'm happy that the Linux world tries to clean up its graphic stack by removing unused features rather than adding more and more. Simpler and snappier code wouldn't hurt.

However, I also question Wayland's current reliance on OpenGL and KMS. Knowing the sad state of GPU drivers on any minority OS, the fact that GPU drivers are in charge of implementing lots of stuff (including OpenGL) on Linux, and the wondrous performance of the software rendering fallback provided by Mesa, what exactly are they thinking ?

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