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X11, Window Managers "This is the first real release of Wayland and Weston. Wayland is the protocol and IPC mechanism while Weston is the reference compositor implementation. The 0.85 branch in both repositories is going to be protocol and interface stable. We have a series of protocol changes on the table before 1.0 but this branch marks a stable point before we jump into that." Change is coming to the Linux world. And yes, I get the irony of using this particular icon, but it's the closest I could find.
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by saynte on Sun 12th Feb 2012 10:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Re:"
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Well the main problem points are performance and supporting the latest standards I'd say (OpenGL 3.0 is about 3 years old). If you want full performance from your card you're basically forced to use the binary blobs, in my experience there's no comparison there.

The situation on Linux is really unfortunate: you either get to take the open source drivers, which have the best integration with the rest of the system, but suffer performance, or you take the binary drivers and suffer integration.

Between ATI and NVidia binaries, the NVidia ones are generally better drivers (I have Nvidia at work and ATI at home, I've used all combinations of the drivers at one point or another).

I hope there's a path to use the binaries with Wayland, just in case the opensource drivers aren't up to snuff by the time it is the de facto standard.

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