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Hardware, Embedded Systems P.A. Semi, a 150-employee chip startup, wants to make name for itself through attention to detail. The Silicon Valley chip startup, run by chip legend Dan Dobberpuhl-Dobberpuhl, its CEO, presided over the development of the Alpha processor while at Digital Equipment Corp. lifted its veil of secrecy Monday. The company will begin offering a new family of low-power, multicore, PowerPC architecture processors in 2006.
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RE[5]: Too late.
by Tuishimi on Mon 24th Oct 2005 20:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Too late."
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"Cell is a breakthrough architectural design -- featuring eight synergistic processors and top clock speeds of greater than 4 GHz (as measured during initial hardware testing)"

Yeah, this is still new technology and we don't know what it will do regarding heat output at those levels and how it will be crammed into a notebook?

What is gained/lost? Instruction set changes? Altivec? I haven't seen anything concrete addressing this? But I just may not have seen what you have seen. Whereas Mac OS X has been running on x86 architecture from day one.


As far as demand/supply. Yes. My mini was a month late. That could be Apple's fault - but you asked and I answered.

Intel HAS been demonstrating better technologies (well, better rehashing of OLD technologies) in it's M and likely the M descendants.

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