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Windows As you all know, Windows 8 will be the first release of Windows NT which supports the ARM architecture. Microsoft hasn't been particularly forthcoming about this new Windows variant, but that's changing today. The company has posted a long and in-depth blog post about Windows 8 on ARM.
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What a revisionist historical perspective.
by hackus on Sun 12th Feb 2012 19:03 UTC
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I like how the BLOG starts out:

"One of the notable aspects of Microsoft Windows has been the flexibility the architecture has shown through shifts in technology and expansion of customer usage over time.."


Yeah it has been soooooo flexible Windows has been, that is is on my PC....and that is about it.


I think Microsoft is going down the tubes personally as the cost to maintain multiple branches of Windows to compete with a open source model is going to cost gigantic piles of cash.

This could put an end to the idea of Microsoft doing the slow death by the irrelevant desktop to the quick and impending death of Windows to just game machine appliances.

Which If I had to take a long term look at things, Direct X is probably the most important product the company has ever made.

But the article is so full of it. It is like Microsoft in the old days when they were a rising star.

Now not so much.

I will never load my phone up with Windows.

No way. Neither will my customers either.

Same for tablets. Already went down that road.



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