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Gnome "One of the things that the GNOME design crew have been focusing on recently is creating a new approach to application design for GNOME 3. We want GNOME applications to be thoroughly modern, and we want them to be attractive and a delight to use. That means that we have to do application design differently to how we've done it in the past."
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All this Re-engineering sucks
by mcpatnaik on Mon 13th Feb 2012 06:49 UTC
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Software devs like to re-engineer. More so in OSS world.
Gnome ditched the rock stable 2.x when it was the most usable. KDE ditched 3.5.x when it was the most stable. If KDE ditches KDE4 tomorrow and goes for an all new set of structure before the currently stable platform becomes rock solid, I would be the least surprised.
Focus on stability seems to be no one's top priority.
A longer commitment to a platform could do a lot better for Linux users than fiddling with half-baked technology for the fancy of the devs.
We have seen examples of Pulse, Plasma, Beagle, Tracker store, Strigi, Nepomuk etc. and yet to see Wayland(I presume no remote X).
This Re-engineering really sucks.

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