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Windows As you all know, Windows 8 will be the first release of Windows NT which supports the ARM architecture. Microsoft hasn't been particularly forthcoming about this new Windows variant, but that's changing today. The company has posted a long and in-depth blog post about Windows 8 on ARM.
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Simple hypthesis about WOA desktop
by JohnJJ on Mon 13th Feb 2012 12:55 UTC
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I'm pretty sure that the WOA desktop is just a touch friendly window manager for Metro style apps.

MS haven't yet found a working alternative to the desktop/windowed apps way of working with office applications, so they decided to support that workflow on WOA as well. It's just that instead of porting Win32 and the legacy desktop, with all the problems that brings, they short circuited the whole issue by reusing the Metro versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, which already exists due to WP7, in a windowed environment. Throw in a file manager, IE and call it desktop on WOA and done.

I believe this to be the most likely scenario. It is a pragmatic approach to solving the office app workflow problem and it explains why there will be NO porting of existing desktop apps to WOA, there simply is nothing to port to.

In time, when the industry finds out whether windowed apps are necessary for office like workflows or not, I think MS will either allow 3rd party apps to run in windowed mode or deprecate their Metro desktop.

I know that it is a less interesting explanation than all the monopoly/[insert perceived wrongdoing] stuff, but it seems like the most likely reason to me.

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