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Apple Way back in 2005, only a few months after I joined the OSNews team, I interviewed Wim Schermer, founder and then-owner of the largest chain of Apple "Premium Reseller" stores in The Netherlands, MacSupport (now iCentre). In fact, Wim Schermer was the first Dutchman to buy a Macintosh - the original Macintosh, that is - in The Netherlands, and went on to start his Apple reseller business in 1988. While the interview covered many aspects, one thing always stuck with me: Schermer was concerned about what would happen to his business if Apple were to open an official Apple Store in The Netherlands. Seven years later, his concerns are becoming reality.
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You're still asking a salesman a question about something you want to purchase, which is your first mistake, especially in this day and age. How do you know the Apple reseller doesn't really think the Apple mouse is better, but makes a spiff on the off brand mouse?

Example: when I worked at a camera shop while I was going to college, we were told that despite Nikon lenses being of higher quality than Sigma lenses we should sell the Sigma lenses. Why? Because we made an extra $10 per sale, in our pocket.

Bottom line is it's 2012: do your 20 minutes Internet research and buy what really is the best product. Don't rely upon a salesman's opinion, be it reseller or Apple.

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