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Gnome "One of the things that the GNOME design crew have been focusing on recently is creating a new approach to application design for GNOME 3. We want GNOME applications to be thoroughly modern, and we want them to be attractive and a delight to use. That means that we have to do application design differently to how we've done it in the past."
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Gnome 3.x is the wrong direction for D.E's
by ASmith on Tue 14th Feb 2012 01:48 UTC
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Gnome 3.x is the wrong direction for Linux Desktop Environments. Many older boxes video chips are incapable of outputting the pixel #'s required by Gnome 3.x to even function properly and it reminds me and many others of a crass attempt to mimic a Windows 7 or 8 desktop environment while sacrificing older systems and what a vast majority of Linux users liked with the Gnome 2.3x Desktop Environment.

The troubling aspect for me with Gnome 3.x DE is that older boxes appear to be compatible with KDE's newest desktop environment which presumably is every bit as glitzy and kitchen sink heavy as Gnome 3.x yet developers managed to do so without overtaxing video chip capability's in the process.

I fully agree with a previous comment regarding LXDE compared to the extremely video intensive heavy Gnome 3.x, LXDE is lighter, faster and way more user friendly to quickly (and easily) adjust and setup imo than Gnome 3.x.

I'm not sure if the Gnome 3.x development team was trying to emulate Win 7 or Win 8 but they widely missed the mark in regards to the continued popularity of the Gnome desktop environment. Numbers of a DE ultimately impact any further development of that specific desktop environment. Will people simply leave Gnome 3.x for Cinnamon, LXDE, Trinity, KDE or move to a open platform desktop environment like the Razor-qt super-fast, lightweight and minimalist approach?

Only time will tell, however unlike any hype, Gnome 3.x ain't making it imo and folks are actively looking at DE alternatives.

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