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Gnome "One of the things that the GNOME design crew have been focusing on recently is creating a new approach to application design for GNOME 3. We want GNOME applications to be thoroughly modern, and we want them to be attractive and a delight to use. That means that we have to do application design differently to how we've done it in the past."
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Why your focus is just Wayland? not other software?

Currently the situation about wayland is quite nascent. The X may be a mess, but is also quite usable. Wayland will remove a lot of bloat out of X (no proxying). The majority should not run remoting code on their personal system. It is good logic and we welcome it. Still it can't replace X in its current specifications(specs will take a lot of time to be complete). X11 is java's focus still, not Wayland.
For remote X you are limited to do a RDP style remoting. What about people who use remote X today? If we are looking at a stable and complete Wayland with X on top for remoting, am I looking at a future approx 3~4 years? Till that time I have to be with X. My worry is that the current X may fall out of maintenance if the focus of development goes to "Beyond X"
Wayland toolkit page says frankly, it is a work in progress.
The KDE Wayland strategy presentation is here.

The question comes : Was Microsoft always right? investing in RDP, Metro, Aero, .net and we follow head-fast ditching our working software for Wayland, New Gnome app framework, Plasma(not an exact counterpart though), mono.

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