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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's pretty clear Samsung is keeping Bada/Tizen around as a possible future escape clause in case Android and/or Google goes nuts. Sony doesn't have an alternative to Android - which it may need soon, since its Android smartphones and tablets aren't doing particularly well. As such, Sony's new CEO Kazuo Hirai has hinted that the operating system of the Playstation Vita may make its way to smartphones and tablets.
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RE: WTF...
by robots on Tue 14th Feb 2012 05:37 UTC in reply to "WTF..."
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...happened to Sonys Xbar GUI? Thats one of the best interfaces for small devices...ever!
Those bubbles...look like a parody of old nintendo games! They must be!

I had a first generation PSP, which I used as a movie player. The UI was attractive and easy to use. It was also far more responsive than my Android HTC Hero.

Those bubble icons in the screenshot look terrible. ;)

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