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X11, Window Managers "Although current discussion of the Linux desktop tends to focus on the disharmony around Unity and the GNOME shell, the true revolution on the desktop is taking place out of sight of users. The Wayland display server is expected to reach version 1.0 later this year, and is seen by many as the long term replacement for the X Window System, with real potential to improve and transform the performance of the desktop for Linux users."
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I have my doubts: the desktop projects (KDE, Gnome) which do a lot of maintenance of the toolkits are quite famous for their lack of compatibility.

So I wouldn't be surprised that soon they'll say, now we don't support anymore X, Wayland is better..

That's not what's meant here with "compatibility". What's meant here is legacy apps for which there is no current equivalent, but they still do their job fine. X will be there, working inside Wayland, so that you'll still be able to run such legacy apps.

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