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In the News "It's tough being a journalist, especially if you're covering technology and living in Silicon Valley, because it seems as if everyone around you is getting fabulously rich while you're stuck in a job that will never, ever make you wealthy. What's worse is that all these people who are getting rich don't seem to be any brighter than you are and in fact many of them don't seem very bright at all. So of course you get jealous. And then you start thinking maybe you could find a way to cash in on this gold rush. But how do you make gobs of money when your only marketable skill involves writing blog posts?" Absolutely brilliant down to the last letter. Coincidentally, I hold no shares, interests, or anything, in any company whatsoever. I'm a freelance translator by day. Not that anyone cares, but hey, full disclosure and all.
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RE: wow...
by boxy on Tue 14th Feb 2012 15:49 UTC in reply to "wow..."
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wow... just wow...

Ha! I had exactly the same reaction! This was my exact comment when I +1'ed the article, lol.

It's mind blowing the amount of sleaze, utter misinterpretation of facts, and downright lying that happens on so-called 'journalism' sites.

In a very twisted way, though, it can be good if it makes you question everything written on blogs, the authors bias, and the motives involved in writing said posts.

I think the problem is that almost no one (at least in the US) is taught to actively question anything that's written, no matter what the source. Then again, I might have just made that up, but it must be true because it's written on teh interwebs.


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