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Apple Today Samsung AV product lead Chris Moseley had comments about Apple's rumored entrance into the television marketplace that sound eerily similar to that which Palm CEO Ed Colligan's said a few years back about how Apple's ability to simply walk into this market and figure it out like they had managed to do after years of research.
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I think I'm not totally susceptible to Apple fanboyism, and I'm not sure that Apple would be successful in the TV biz, but this:

"TVs are ultimately about picture quality."

is just laughably naive . TVs are only about picture quality (and they're not) only because the other features of every TV on the market are all uniformly lousy. Someone has a chance to dramatically improve the TV watching experience, and if someone's going to do it, I'd put my money on Apple.

Really the only question about whether Apple would be successful it this: Are they going to follow their iPhone/iPad pricing model (the same or cheaper than anyone else), or the Mac pricing model (ranging from a little more expensive to wildly more expensive). If an Apple TV costs the same as a comparable TV from Samsung, then Samsung is in trouble.

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