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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu It looks like a new "locally integrated menu" will make it into Unity, starting with version 5.6.0. There's basically no information about the new locally integrated menubar, except for two bug reports which link to some custom Unity, Compiz, Metacity and Light Themes branches so to see "LIM" in action, I've compiled all these branches and here's the result. The "locally integrated menubar" can be displayed on the panel (for maximized windows) as well as in the window decoration (unmaximized windows). But it's not displayed on both in the same time.
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RE: Comment by Luminair
by BallmerKnowsBest on Wed 15th Feb 2012 16:27 UTC in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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How about we (the human race) make user interfaces so easy to redesign that any artist can do it. Then maybe we'll see some real work done, rather than just programmers shuffling buttons around.

Artists should never EVER be allowed to do the work of actual designers. Designers have to consider form AND function, while artists almost always choose form OVER function (see also: Apple).

You just have to look at the last few years of UI trends (especially on the web) to see what happens when artists try to design UI. The priorities are clearly: above all else, make it pretty, then make it functional... maybe, eventually, if there's some time left over.

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