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Windows Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing - one of the best Windows blogs on the web - has a very interesting item up about a certain bit of behaviour in Windows 95 I was unaware of. Basically, there's a neat little trick where you can close and move the Start button. It wasn't a feature, but a bug.
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haha... this was the best trick!
by Fusion on Wed 15th Feb 2012 16:39 UTC
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haha! This was my favorite prank as a stupid teenager. While the salesperson was busy buttering up their customer, I would sneak over to each computer on display and close the start menu. I loved watching the salesperson fumble from PC to PC, turning red from embarrassment, as they experienced "technical difficulties." For some reason, it never dawned on them to reboot the PC---maybe since the start menu was the main pathway to the shutdown function. =)~

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