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Windows Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing - one of the best Windows blogs on the web - has a very interesting item up about a certain bit of behaviour in Windows 95 I was unaware of. Basically, there's a neat little trick where you can close and move the Start button. It wasn't a feature, but a bug.
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know how to *restore* that button.

Yes, in my first year of university it was a prank that got pulled quite a lot in the lab. People go for a coffee, and find their start button missing upon return. Grumbling they close all their programs and reboot, with the bystanders sniggering. I must admit I was guilty of it too.

But it was much more satisfying when people pulled the trick on you, and you managed to get it back *without* a reboot. From memory, you just did a Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to the task manager, then killed Explorer. That would actually be restarted, and come up again with a shiny new Start button. And result in disappointed bystanders...

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