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Google Forget patent trolling - Android's biggest weakness, and most daunting obstacle to overcome, is its complete and utter lack of updates. Motorola has detailed its upgrade plans for Ice Cream Sandwich - and it ain't good. If the company Google just bought can't even update its phones properly, what can we expect from the rest?
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When you buy a PC with Windows 7 do you expect to get a free/automatic upgrade to Windows 8? Geeks don't like it, but the average Android user doesn't give a fuck.

That's somewhat different - at least you can go out and *buy* Windows 8 yourself in most cases... One might argue that the version of Android you run doesn't matter, but if you're still stuck on Gingerbread, then there are an increasing number of apps that you can't run now.

Here, however, users are stuck waiting for the vendor to provide the update, rather than going out and buying it themselves... except for those who run a 3rd party ROM such as CyanogenMod or something.

FWIW, several of us even have ICS running on our HP Touchpads, albeit buggy.

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