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Google Forget patent trolling - Android's biggest weakness, and most daunting obstacle to overcome, is its complete and utter lack of updates. Motorola has detailed its upgrade plans for Ice Cream Sandwich - and it ain't good. If the company Google just bought can't even update its phones properly, what can we expect from the rest?
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RE: ICS is a big change...
by kaiwai on Thu 16th Feb 2012 06:02 UTC in reply to "ICS is a big change..."
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For what it's worth, the jump from Gingerbread to ICS is a big change. Big api changes, big changes in the kernel with how the cameras and gpu & graphics stack work. Big changes in the the settings apps, the notification bar, etc.

The CM/AOSP folks are having a heck of a time getting devices brought up to snuff driver wise, and a lot of the extra features, functionality and tweaks they developed for GB have to be forward ported one by one. And their changes are pretty light weight.

The manufacturer's and carriers? Well, their problem is even larger. All the extra skinning, tweaks, extra apps, etc., all have to be either ported or heavily tested to make sure they work right under ICS.

Even Asus, who had the gold metal of Honeycomb updates for the original Transformer is having a hard time getting an ICS release fully stabilized and released.

I'm not saying that things couldn't be better run, they certainly can. But in this particular case, the level of change from GB to ICS is a big leap compared to previous upgrade iterations (Donut to Eclair, Eclair to Froyo, Froyo to Gingerbread) and additional time should be expected...

I'm going out on a limb here for a second but how about not include all that additional crap that isn't required; ICS is perfectly fine out of the box and doesn't require additional tweaking - port the drivers, compile the damn thing and provide it to end users via an internet enable win32 front end that bypasses carriers altogether.

Quite frankly it is the same crappy excuse that Samsung used to justify not bringing ICS to Samsung Galaxy S (apparently it doesn't have enough ROM space on the device) - could they provide a vanilla version of ICS for Galaxy without TouchWiz? sure they could but god forbid the end user seeing a phone without all their crapware preloaded onto it!

Sorry but once again we have phone companies selling their phones cheaper than Apple only to find that they don't have the resources at the other end of the equation, namely customer support, to adequately develop and support Android when future updates and upgrades arrive.

There is a reason why I advocate Windows Phone 7 and iPhone's but I guess people on this forum (I'm not directing this observation at you btw) will never learn in favour of believing that being an Android fanboy is 'sticking to the man'.

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