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Mac OS X Well, this is a surprise. Several websites have a preview up of Apple's next Mac OS X release - it's called Mountain Lion, and continues the trend of bringing over functionality from iOS to Mac OS X. Lots of cool stuff in here we've all seen before on iPhones and iPads, including one very, very controversial feature: Gatekeeper. Starting with Mac OS X 10.8, Apple's desktop operating system will be restricted to Mac App Store and Apple-signed applications by default (with an opt-out switch), following in Windows 8's footsteps.
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by kaiwai on Thu 16th Feb 2012 15:54 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by kaiwai"
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This isn't about how it is today. It's about the path we've headed into.

People called me crazy when I said Apple would eventually include a switch like this. Now people are calling me crazy again? We all know where this is heading: full curation, similar to iOS. If you STILL want to insist there's no sign of this happening... Well, then I'm afraid you're a lost cause.

Like I said - as long as their freedom is taken away in small bits and pieces, people don't give a shit.

I would love to know who these 'people are' given that most people I spoke to agree that Apple would enable some sort of way to restrict what can and can't be installed via the use of application bundle signatures but enable people to over ride it. Here we are in 2012 and guess what - the sky hasn't fallen, you can install what ever applications you want and everything is as cool as cucumbers.

You talk about 'taking away freedom bit by bit' - what have they taken away RIGHT NOW! not what could happen in 5 years but RIGHT NOW! not what you believe could happen but is happening RIGHT NOW! I mean, come on, what next, the analogy of the frog in a pot of water being boiled alive? comparisons between Mac OS X, Gatekeeper and goose stepping? I mean come on, the hysteria has all the stupidity associated with the debate in the US over 'Obama Care' and the claim there would be 'death panels' that would push Aunt Pearl off the cliff if her arthritis medication becomes too much! I would have thought you were better than this Thom - I really did.

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